Dr. Werner Strahalm, President EUREKA, Austrian

Dr. Werner Strahalm,

born in Austria

President EUREKA


Mr. Strahalm was acting as a Politician, he is a Historian and he is owner of his own Publishing House with a special edition „RPS‘S Financial Market Series“. In DomRep he is leading a Property
Development Project.
He is available for your company for each necessities and goals in the field of „Lobbying“.

Dr.h.c. Magister rer.soc.oec. HPeter Platzer, Hon.Prof., General Secretary Austria-Hungary

Dr.h.c. Magister rer.soc.oec. HPeter Platzer Hon.Prof. (P.I.C.A.),

born in Austria

Secrétaire Général

EUREKA HQ-Brussels

Mr. Platzer is a specialist for Turnaround Management and for Startups in the Field of Proprietary Technology.
He is available for your company for each necessities and goals in the field of „Turnaround Management, M+R and Outsourcing“.

Guy Van der Beken, Managing Vice President-01

Guy Van der Beken,

born in Belgium

Managing Vice President

of EUREKA HQ-Brussels

Mr. Van der Beken was for several decades responsible for Brussels EUREKA and he is a strongly experienced businessman for international trading and networking.
He is available for your company for each necessities and goals in the field of „Technology & Startups

Daniel Galily, MA BA, Managing Director, Israel

Daniel Galily MA BA,

From Israel

Managing Director

of EUREKA HQ-Brussels

Mr. Galily is a Historian and Political Scientist and Lecturer of several Universities. Mr. Galily is our representative in the „MECA – Middle European Central Asia, Institute“.
He is available for your company for each necessities and goals in the field of „SME Consulting“.

Lucy Liu Qian, Eureka Senior Partner, China

Ms. Lucy Liu Qian

born in China

President EUREKA Africa

Ms. Quian is the main representative of China in Africa. With the company „AMER International Group Co. LTD she is acting as Executive Director and was achieving to be among the „Fortune Global 500“.
She is available for your company for all inquires in the field of Eureka syndicate regarding Africa’s independent rating agency „ARA and Africa Strategies in general“.

Lady Elizabeth Kelly

Lady Elizabeth Kelly

born in Irland


President of Eureka-UAE

Lady Elizabeth Kelly is a Dubai-based businesswoman, founder of Ethos Global Solutions, an ambassador for Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, and the President of Global United Leaders League (GULL) in the United Kingdom.

Amb. Zena Chung

Amb. Zena Chung

born in South Korea

President of Eureka – South-Korea

Amb. Zena Chung is the Founder and President of the Global Diplomats Forum, Co-Founder & Secretary-General of KABFF (Korean-American Business Friendship Forum) International Business Advisor to WFKB (World Federation of Korean Businesses), CEO of Eva Global Holding, Goodwill Ambassador for IHRPS (International Human Rights Protection Service) in USA, Peace Ambassador for UN PKFC (Peace keeping force council) in South-East Asia, Senior Advisor for UN Habitat Korea.

Yaniv Habari LLM, Layer ERA Syndicate, Cyprus

Yaniv Habari, Advocate,

born in Israel

EUREKAs Lawyer

Yaniv Habari has his own Law office „Y.Habari & Co. LLC„ in Cyprus.
He is available for your company for all inquires in the field of Eureka syndicates regarding independent Rating Agencies in Europe and Africa „ERA and ARA“.

Vladimir Efimov MSc BA, President EUREKA Russia, R.F_

Vladimir Efimov, Msc BA,

born in Russia

President EUREKA Russia

Mr. Efimov is a well experienced and established networker in and for Russian Federation. His family was previously leading the Aluminum Business in R.F. Mr. Efimov is also project leader together with Mr. Alexandrov for stock and commodity trading of “LMS Platzer-Rothschild Capital“.
He is available for your company for all inquires in the field of „Developing Business in Russia“

Lord M.H. Rothschild, EUREKA Partner, USA

Lord M.H. Rothschild,
born in Israel (In Transit)
Managing Partner, M.H. Rothschild & Partners Global Assets Consortium

President EUREKA Israel

Lord Rothschild is responsible for family offices inside the Rothschild family and is a specialist for Crude Oil and other commodities as well for Foreign Exchange Transactions. He is also co-editor of
New Economy 3.0 – Sustainability Macroeconomics with Green Rendite“, and is Vice President of the African Rating Agency.
He is available for your company for each necessities and goals in the field of International Business Strategies and Financial Services like Banking & Capital Markets, Insurance, Investment Management and Real Estate“.

Sir Rafal Wasik, General Secretary IHRC

Prof.h.c. Rafał Marcin Wasik

Eureka President Middle Europe

General Secretary IHRC

Mr. Wasik is the founder of the International Human Right Commission and supporting with his IGO the establishment of ARA in Africa and ERA in Europe.

Florent Godin,Eureka Scientific Advisor, Belgium

Florent Godin,

born in Belgium

EUREKA Scientific Advisor

Mr. Godin was responsible for EUREKA activities over decades and he is a well established Marketing specialist in the field of International Fairs.
He is available for your company for each necessities and goals in the field of „Organizing International Fairs“.


Faustino Richard Castillo III, H PhD, MA, BEng.

born in U.S.A.

Head of Global Marketing & President of Eureka-U.S.A.

Mr. Castillo III is an excellent networker and member of various relevant and influential associations throughout the world. He possess extensive expertise in the fields of Sales/ Marketing, Process Management & Chemistry-Chemical Engineering.

He is also has a master degree from the university of Chicago in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering and Executive Certificatrs from Harvard.

Executive Certification – Harvard University (Global Health), Executive Certification – Yale University (Global Business & Politics), MA – University of Chicago (Process Management & Integrated Marketing), BEng – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Chemistry & Chemical Engineering). He is available for your company in exceeding your your goals and necessities in the field of Marketing/Sales, PR, Pharmaceutical Healthcare and Scientific Research.

Email: richie@uchicago.edu


Nicolas Cobb

Nic Cobb,

born in England (UK)

EUREKA Partner

for Turnaround Management

Mr. Cobb is Managing Director of „CEC Global Communications“ and Chairman of „Westminster Russia Forum“. Mr. Cobb has huge experience in Military and Governmental related projects and goals.
He is available for your company for each inquires, necessities and goals in the field of „Turnaround Management and operative Implementation of Strategic Goals.

Alex Levin

Dr. Alex Levin functions in a variety of judicial, (and quasi-judicial) positions, arbitrator, mediator, in areas such as: Labor, criminal law etc, He also has a lot of experience in Business development, Education and financial investments and Public Administration

Dr.Levin was a president of a professional college and president of a theater. He is currently the owner and member of the board of directors of a number of multinational companies and manages a network of investors, as well as consulting in the fields of tourism development, Business development, Education and financial investments. He engaged in improving private companies management and development methods, has an education in the field of civil engineering, educational studies and business administration. He has extensive experience in the fields of public administration and private business in Israel. Europe, Asia and Africa.

Sir Perry Morgan, GB-01

Sir Perry Morgen, GB

Senior Partner, M.H. Rothschild & Partners Global Assets Consortium/ Chairman/CEO of Morgen Pacific Holding LTD
Having served as Deputy Chancellor to the Afghan King in Exile from 1978-80, Mr. Morgen is a worldwide recognized businessman and board member of too many relevant companies to cite here.
His involvement in International Affairs and wide experience have made him a unique consultant for difficult and huge transactions in the field of commodities, foreign exchange, financial constructions and IPOs.

Rosita Bhagwandin, Managing Directer Dept., Netherland

Ms. Rosita Bhagwandin,

born in Suriname, lives in The Netherland


Deputy Managing Director

of EUREKA HQ-Brussels

(Till June 2021)


Mark Darko MBA

Investment Banker

ARA Syndicate Executive Director

Mr. Darko is a professional Investment Banker and President of „Asian-Africa Chamber of Commerce“ as well as Senator of the „World Wide Business Angle Forum“. He is also representing our Partner „Heritage Capital Fund“ in his position as CEO.
He is available for your company for each inquires, necessities and goals in the field of „ARA African Rating Agency and Investment Banking.

Kofi Biscoff_Profile

Kofi Biscoff MSc.

Senior Manager, Director

Nana Asiedu

Nana Yaw Asiedu MSc. BSc.

Senior Analyst

Theophilius Cromwell

Theophilus T. Cromwell

Research Coordinator

Maame Debrah

Mrs. Maame Efua Egyirba Debrah

Secretary, Sales