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Not a Knight of all these Orders and Associations, but Sir Tom certainly set a sample for us all!


O.K.K.S., US-Israel

The „Order Knights of King Solomon” currently has around 90 postulants as Knights and Dames.

The Seal Defender, Knight of Grace Daniel Galily MA BA and Managing Director of EUREKA worldwide is developing the Constitution and is following the strict protocol of the ancient Spanish protocol.

The Investitur will take place in Autumn 2021 at Szdionia Castle.

In the future not more than 15 Knights and 10 Dames can receive this great and prestigious Honor.

Souverain Grand Ordre de Marie Reine de Coeurs

T.M.E. Order Belgium

The „Order TANTAE MOLIS ERAT“ was established in 1954 under the Patronage of 4 Kingdoms (Belgium, Spain, Morocco and Thailand) to support and honor unique inventions and the lifetime achievements of great Inventors by the occassion of the annual world leading platform „Brussels Eureka“.

The establishment and rules of the order were announced in the „Belgium Monitor“ Number on

This distinguished Order is structured in 4 ranks:

∗ Knight

∗ Officer

∗ Grand Officer

∗ Grand Cross

Totally per year only 20 persons can be proposed for this unique honor „Knight of Belgium“

St_Монтажная область 1.Lucas Academie, Antwerp 1475

St.Lucas Academie, Antwerp 1475

The „St. Lucas Academy“ was established in the succession of his great history by H.R.H. Prinz Henry von Hohenstaufen u. Derneck in the early 70s last century to honor intellectuals, artists and people, who are taking responsilities for the society.

Once per year the Honor of „Doctor h.c.“ and „Professor h.c.“ will be granted unter the Patronage of the House „Hohenstaufen & Derneck“ in a distinguished ceremony in Brussels or Paris.

T.M.E. Order Belgium

„Souverain Grand Ordre de Marie Reine de Coeurs“, Paris

The initiative to establish a catholic order and prayer community in the name of our Mother in Heaven „Maria de Coeur“ as „Souverain Grand Ordre de Marie Reine de Coeurs“ was guided under the patronage of the „House Hohenstaufen-Derneck“ from Germany last century. In succession the EUREKA Foundation was reestablishing the Order in Brussels, which was announced via Moniteur de Belge in 2019, November 26th and filed as *19157672 du Branbant Wallon.


NGO Albert Schweitzer Association

Ö.A.S.G. is honoring the lifetime achievments of Nobel Prize Laureat Albert Schweitzer. A world-wide network with decission makers and entrepreneurs as well as politicans are supporting the  work of Ö.A.S.G. in the way – where the RedCross cannot be or assist.

Since several years the acting General Secretary is Prof. Jörg Steiner Msc. BA. with his HQ in Vienna. Especially the work in Austria, Hungary, Slowakia, China and Japan has recognized a great acceptance from offical side worldwide.

For further information: facebook: Österreichische Albert Schweitzer Gesellschaft


Homepage: http://www.oeasg.org

instagram: ad.min_oeasg_ngo

S.O.S.J. Malta

S.O.S.J., Malta

The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem was coming back to Malta in 1964 after surviving ongoing via Russia (1798-1917) and USA (1908-1964).

In 1798 Napoleon was successfully launching his invasion to Cyprus and part of the Knights were escaping to Russia, where Czar Paul I was giving his patronage to the Order as GrandMaster. Around 15 years later several Knights were re-establishing the Order in Rome under the Patronage of the Pope. Therefore the world is recognizing two different orders in the same name and similar appearance.

Anyhow the Order in Malta is holding the tradition of the Order without any break in its history and is holding a various number of state acceptances and recognitions e.g. State of Pennsylvania 1946, Congressional Record US in 1964, Pentagon Doc.I/XI/1967; Michigan US in 1978; Washington 1980; Royal Recognition Netherlands in 1989;  France since 1993; Recognition of the International Law Tribunal in 1994.

At Szdionia Castle you will find the World Seat for Southern-East Europe as „Groß-Kommturei“.

At the moment the nephew of Marquis Baron K. Vella Haber is the International Grand Prior H.E. Hereditary Bailiff Grand Cross of Justice Efrem Arpa and leading the Order together with Dame Joyce Darmanin from Malta and Grand Bailiff Grand Cross Serge Jurasunas from Portugal.

The ranks in the Order are structured as follows: Knight/Commander/Grand Commander by Justic or by Grace. For more information take a view to: www.sosjmalta.org


Military Order of Calatrava

Military Order of Calatrava

TheThe Prior of the Military Order Calatrava, Frater Jacek Roman Bogacz in Poland, the world wide recognized Sir Rafal Wasik from the „International Human Right Commission“ (please see for further information our side her regarding „Partners“) and H.E. Ladislav Tesarik from Czech Republic are supporting and finally achieving in several countries (i.e. Czech Republick, Poland) the founding of an old-catholic church. One member of the
„M.O.O.C. Circle of Five“ was appointed by EUREKA. The origin ot the Order is going back to the 12th century and King Alfonso VIII, who was falling in love of the daughter of his financial advisor, Jehuda Ibn Ezra, Rachel. Here you can see on the backside of the painting of Raquel the old image of Toledo.

The Order has several commanderies e.g. in Swidin or Szidonia Castle.